Aiming to find solutions

Developing highest quality products

Mylola Creations is a brand by Lefficient Ltd. With Mylola Creations we are aiming to bring premium quality products to your home. From our own experience those stuffed animals can literally take over your entire home and even though our kids may not play with them anymore they just can part with their little buddies. We developed the Mylola Kids storage bean bag as a way to tidy up kids’ bedrooms in the most practical way possible. Double functioning as a super comfy lounger it gives kids an incentive to actually tidy up their room. We made sure to use only the highest quality materials so that you will enjoy our storage bean bag for a very long time. 



A decade of experience

Manufacturing at the highest standards

Lefficient Ltd was founded in 2013 by its owner Kathrin Laumann who is from Germany and is headquartered in Hong Kong. 

Over the years, we’ve developed a large variety of products for the European market. With almost a decade of experience of manufacturing up to the highest standards in different fields, we are happy to now market our product range and offer our services in the US for the first time.